Be kind, stay safe.

We’re all in this together!

We are actively making operational & procedural changes to protect customers, vendors, & staff & to mitigate the spread of disease, including following all guidance provided by the Government and Provincial bodies.

Dear valued vendors and market goers,

 In light of an increase in Covid cases in Alberta and the discovery of the virus in our community, we are re-evaluating how we will move forward with hosting the market. As you are aware, we have vendors and visitors visiting our area from many regions, creating a potential hot spot for spread of the virus.
To ensure the continued safety our community we have consulted with many on how to proceed in providing a safe environment not just for our vendors, volunteers, and customers but for the whole community.
Going forward, we will have stricter protocols in place and volunteers will help us to enforce them. If you are not in agreement with our protocols, please do not visit our market. Unfortunately, we cannot please everyone, but our overall objective remains the same:
Maintaining the health and safety of our market organizers, volunteers,  vendors, and shoppers, along with the community in which we operate.
We will communicate at least 72 hours, or the Monday prior to a market any cancellation notices.
We are all in this together – lets work together to keep our community safe!
We are very thankful to you for supporting us at this time.
Crowsnest Market Commitee


Anyone (customers, staff, vendors, volunteers etc) with a fever or cough are prohibited from attending (even if symptoms are mild, or resemble a cold).

Anyone (customers, staff, vendors, volunteers etc) who has been in contact with any person/s that had a positive Covid 19 test, and /or has returned from outside of Canada are prohibited from attending market for at least 2 weeks.

  • Please maintain physical distancing of 2 metres or 6 feet at ALL times.
  • Masks are mandatory at all indoor markets as per government guidelines.
  • Please consider downloading the ABTraceTogether mobile app.
  • Please shop with purpose! Limit time spent within the market to minimize socializing and browsing.
  • Only send one, maximum two, designated shoppers from your household to visit the market at a time to avoid crowding and exposure.
  • Consider shopping for friends and family, specifically seniors and those who are vulnerable.
  • Be prepared to queue and pay attention to maintain a distance between yourself and other people.
  • Don’t shake hands or share food or utensils and please do not litter!
  • Do not handle any vendor products but rather point to the intended product. Ask for assistance and please refrain from touching products.
  • You will be able to purchase ready-to-go meals and take-out options but there will be no seating or gathering places in the market. All food and beverage must be consumed off-site.
  • Thoroughly wash your hands before arriving and after leaving the market to protect yourself and others.
  • No dogs or other animals are permitted in the market spaces.
  • Each vendor will have hand sanitizers available and they will be cleaning and sanitizing high touch surfaces in their stalls frequently, including payment devices.
  • The bathroom facility will only be accessible to vendors at this time to ensure their safety.
  • There will be no social events such as games, music, scavenger hunts etc. The market will operate solely as a venue for shopping at this time.


  • Everyone is required to maintain a physical distance of 2m or 6 feet apart at all times.
  • The Market will run from 3-7 pm every Thursday.
  • Each vendor will have 2 m of space between them to allow for proper physical distancing and no more than 2 persons behind a booth.
  • Access to the washroom will be for vendors only.
  • Washroom will be cleaned thoroughly and frequently, before, during and after the market. Supplies will also be provided for vendors to clean the bathroom before and after use.
  • Line-ups at each tent will be managed by the vendor, with sufficient spacing between visitors / clients.
  • Only one customer may be served at a time.
  • No touching of products by the public unless it can be cleaned / sanitized after.
  • Sampling is prohibited.
  • All touched surfaces will be wiped down frequently with approved sanitizers.
  • No cloth tablecloths will be allowed, only plastic- or plastic-coated ones that are wipe-able.
  • Vendors will provide sufficient hand sanitizer for themselves and their customers.
  • Have a dustbin and bag at their stall that can be disposed of after the market in municipality bins.
  • Vendors will protect themselves with appropriate protection gear such as gloves and masks.

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