Parking at the Market

Parking and loading zones at the market were discussed on Friday when we met with Jesse Fox, our Fire Chief, and Trent Smith, Manager of Community Services at the Municipality.
The outcomes of this meeting were:
A Drop-and-Go zone where vendors can unload onto a temporary holding zone before they park their cars. A Volunteer will patrol and man this area. Please note, this is NOT a parking area. Vendors can then park their vehicles, and then return to the park to move their products from the holding zone to their allocated area.
We want to create a flow of vehicles and avoid double parking or dangerous situations where vendors and visitors park in no-parking zones or even on crosswalks. No Parking signs will be placed in front of the park and across the crosswalks for the rest of this season. This will hopefully allow us to create an easier to use zone for our vendors that will be available till 2:30 pm.
Vendors who arrive later than 2:30 pm will not be able to access the market.
The only times vehicles are allowed on the grass is when positioning and parking food trucks and trailers. Please park, unhook and immediately move your truck into one of the designated parking areas.
Vehicles are NOT allowed on the grass and or sidewalks.
Parking is allowed in any available parking area on 20th Ave and cross roads.
Alternatively, we have a large parking area just east of the park (the field next to the gravel strip after the park), as well as 1 block North of the Gazebo at the Elk’s hall as indicated on the image.
Please DO NOT break any laws to unload!
If you arrive and there is no parking on the street to unload, DO NOT stop in the crosswalks or in the middle of the street. DO NOT park near the railroad tracks or behind the hedge. We have been warned that people will be ticketed or towed.
We do not want this to happen! So please use one of the designated parking areas instead (see attachment).
We appreciate your understanding regarding safety at the market, especially regarding parking and vehicle uses.
Please contact us if there are any questions and or concerns.